Latest News

Something Something Ltd is a new company, still in the early stages of life. As with all such “early stages of life”, this is an exciting period for us, preparing firm foundations for making an impact in the creative design and publishing industries.

SomethingDark showcases multiple achievements in our core fields

Thurs 22 July, 2010.

Our long-awaited showcase project, SomethingDark webmagazine, is now fully operational and functioning to the high standards we expect of ourselves.

This project represents great achievements on both the technological and the research–writing fronts and demonstrates how we can present an integrated suite of services for anyone, from individuals to small businesses to corporations, seeking innovation and professional execution in our core fields as befitting our avant-garde design brand, SomethingVIVID.

Looking forward to a significant launch date

Wed 28 Apr, 2010.

Our major showcase project is entering its final stage of development and we’re looking forward to launching it shortly. It’s an exciting and very complex project and we’re sure it will do SSL proud.

Long Awaited Updates

Wed 31 Mar, 2010.

In the last quarter of 2009 we agreed the websites and underlying projects with which we aim to launch, and work commenced.

December 2009 also witnessed the moving-house of both directors, both taking on what is best described as “a bit of a project” – circumstances we're still battling with. Though enjoyable in their own right, the amount of redevelopment needed on both properties means that time and energy are quickly dispersed.

Work is ongoing on the Something Something showcase projects, but, as a result of the above circumstances, the pace of progress has slowed; however, the drive and determination is still with us (and so are the leaky roof spaces and vintage wallpapers).

Summer of 2010 will see both Chris and Daryl complete the major development stages on their respective homes and on Something Something’s showcase projects, which we are still very excited to be working on and launching.

Trademark issues resolved

Wed 26 Aug, 2009.

With a potential objection to one of our trademark applications having lapsed, we are pleased to report that all trademark issues have been resolved in our favour. While in our view any associated delays were both unfortunate and unnecessary, we can now look forward to promoting our design brand, SomethingVivid, as we intended.

New director appointed

Fri 17 July, 2009.

We are delighted to announce, hot off the press, with ink still drying on the official forms, the appointment of a new director to Something Something Ltd.

With a wealth of experience in the editorial and publishing industries, and with a good eye for the creative industries, we welcome Daryl with open arms. Aside from his credentials, a new dawn has begun with the stability he brings to the company, including new investment and the all-important financial stability any fledgling and growing business needs.